Jaguar mileage adjustment is different than others cars.
Most of the time need remove dashboard. Only few of the models of older cars possible preform via cable but sometimes fails. That"s why we as always recommend do the backup first.
JAGUAR  we have the way to do it 100% safe and hassle free. We can also recover CAS 3 or the dashboard if needed with spare key included.
Jaguar series we have also our own way. Unlike most people we provide CAS 4 programming not using any emulators or can filters which sometimes causing trouble with electronic devises.
We are also offering service for all Jaguar series with FEM/BDC covering cars from 2019. There wont be any emulator or blocker fitted and also service history and key mileage will be reset if required. After the job completed all modules are reset as well.
Jaguar mileage correction